• SCO Summit, Astana, 9 June 2017
    SCO Summit, Astana, 9 June 2017
  • Astana EXPO-2017
    Astana EXPO-2017
  • Kazakhstan United For Global Security
    Kazakhstan United For Global Security
  • Astana Economic Forum
    Astana Economic Forum

Women and Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa

We thank the Mission of Italy, the Observer Mission of the African Union to the UN, E4Impact Foundation, Office of the Special Adviser on Africa and Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth for convening the high level event on “Women and Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa”.

It was a valuable experience to gain knowledge about the development of women and youth entrepreneurship in African countries and to learn best practices from results-oriented young entrepreneurs of this rapidly developing continent.

We are committed to cooperate with African countries on that issue. In 2015 we have launched a new programme in collaboration with UNDP, known as the “Africa-Kazakhstan Partnership for the SDG’s”. This agreement for technical support will assist 45 countries in Africa with implementing SDG’s and African Union’s Agenda 2063 Goals.

We also believe that participation of young entrepreneurs of Africa, Governments and relevant institutions of this region to the “EXPO-2017” in Astana will give them an unique opportunity to explore strategies, programmes and technologies aimed at sustainable energy development, promoting energy security and efficiency, encouraging the use of renewable energy.