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Russian historians marked Kazakh Khanate’s 500th anniversary

MOSCOW. KAZINFORM A scientific-research conference on “From Turkic El to the Kazakh Khanate” was held at the Russian State Library of Moscow.

The event was organized by the MSU Institute of Asian and African Studies and Oriental Literature Centre of the Russian State Library under the support of the Kazakh Embassy in the Russian Federation.

The forum brought together tens of leading historians, linguists and orientalists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, China, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. More than 140 scholars – historians, linguists, political scientists and economists – offered the outlines of their reports  for the conference. The scholars covered the most diverse problems of the remote past and modern period – from studying the runic inscriptions to the Eurasian identity of XXI century, from the Early Arab Period concepts of the Central Asian region to the formation of the New Silk Road.

Among the speakers were President of the MSU Institute of Asian and African Studies Mikhail Mayer, Minister Councelor of the Kazakh Embassy in Russia Marat Syzdykov, Director of the Republican Information Centre for Historical Materials Study, professor Meruert Abusseitova,  Head of the Turkic Philology Department of the MSU Institute of Asian and African Studies, professor Dmitry Nassilov, Research Fellow at the Archaeology Institute of the  Russian Academy of Sciences , professor Igor Kyzlassov and other prominent experts.

The participants focused on such relevant issues as historical experience of the last nomadic empire – the Kazakh Khanate – in the system of international relations in XVIII century, its relations with the sultans of the Ottoman Empire, poly-ethnic aspect as a determining factor of the formation of the Kazakh statehood, Eurasian unity and the problem of ethno-national identity amid globalization, Kazakh-Russian relations in the context of modern geo-political processes etc.

The scholars spoke for importance of studying the rich history of Kazakhstan and put forward numerous proposals for further research.