• SCO Summit, Astana, 9 June 2017
    SCO Summit, Astana, 9 June 2017
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    Astana EXPO-2017
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    Kazakhstan United For Global Security
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    Astana Economic Forum

President named agrarian sector key driver of economic growth

Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev named agrarian sector one of the key drivers of the country’s economic growth.

“One of the key drivers of economic growth is the agrarian sector. The implementation of new technologies and infrastructure should lead to a 1.5-growth of labour productivity in agriculture,” the President said.

Nazarbayev noted the importance of development of three scientific-research clusters in Astana – high technologies, biomedical and geological centres. Besides, the Innovative Technologies Park  of Almaty will establish two export-oriented productions, a regional startup hub and five technologies development centres with the participation of transnational companies. The Head of State pointed out the importance of these projects in light of the oncoming 4th Industrial Revolution.

“Digital revolution is a serious challenge for the current world order. For instance, digital empires can lose 5 mln jobs by 2020. Therefore, we need to widely invest in available-for-all education – from pre-school to professional one. Not only state, but also every resident must be actively involved in this process. Business must invest in education and creation of jobs,” added he.

The President highlighted that according to the Nurly Zhol governmental program, the country will ensure all-round development of its transit and transport potential.

“This year we will finish the construction of Western Europe-Western China corridor. Two more promising projects are under implementation now. These are the Eurasian Transcontinental Corridor and Trans-Caspian Route. The construction of a ferry complex in Kuryk port of Mangystau region is on now. The International Airport of Astana is being modernized . Container transportations will be developed. The goods from Lianyungang  are transportedthrough Kazakhstan to Europe. Due to all of these steps, the annual GDP growth in Kazakhstan is expected to make 5% in average,” Nazarbayev stressed.