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    Kazakhstan United For Global Security
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    550 years of Kazakh khanate


In June 2010, the Government of Kazakhstan declared its candidacy for the November 2016 United Nations General Assembly elections for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council in 2017-2018. ┬áSince its independence in 1991, Kazakhstan’s transformation on the political, economic and social fronts illustrates Kazakhstan’s special character as a country.

Kazakhstan’s candidacy reflects the firm conviction that substantive progress could be made in 2017-2018 on a number of procedural as well as substantive issues, such as:

  • Security Council Procedures
  • Peacemaking, nuclear security, human-centered sustainable development
  • Relations with the wider United Nations structure

Kazakhstan is committed to four key areas of security that are required for a peaceful and prosperous community of nations:

  1. Nuclear Security
  2. Economic Security
  3. Food Security
  4. Water Security