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    SCO Summit, Astana, 9 June 2017
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Human Rights

Kazakhstan Human Rights

Kazakhstan strongly stands behind an international order based on public international law and thereby the UN Security Council’s efforts to promote universal adherence to and implementation of the rule of law, particularly for an end to gender-based violence.

Kazakhstan’s membership of the United Nations Human Rights Council is a sign of the growing international recognition of Kazakhstan’s commitment to human rights and rule of law.

Kazakhstan’s foreign minister affirmed priorities in nuclear disarmament, human rights, democratization in a high-level session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

This commitment to human rights and rule of law in Kazakhstan is responsible for the culture of tolerance that exists among the more than 140 of ethnic groups who call Kazakhstan home.

Kazakhstan also provides protection of human rights through a variety of government agencies. To this end, the country established such organizations and institutions as the Commission on Human Rights, the Human Rights Commissioner (Ombudsman) and the National Centre for Human Rights.

The Commission on Human Rights is a consultative body under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Commission is a non-judicial agency for human rights protection. In accordance with its Statute, it is a consultative and advisory body to the Head of State, promoting the realization of the President’s constitutional powers as guarantor of the human rights and freedoms. The main objective of this body is providing assessment of the human rights state in the country and sharing its findings with the President.

The Kazakhstan Human Rights Commissioner monitors the observance of the human rights and freedoms and takes measures to restore the violated rights and freedoms. The Commissioner is appointed by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is independent in carrying out its activities.

The National Centre for Human Rights carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution and the Presidential Decree of 19 September 2002 “On the establishment of the Human Rights Ombudsman.” The main objective of the National Centre is to provide the research as well as analytical and operational support of the activities of the Ombudsman in the Republic of Kazakhstan.