• SCO Summit, Astana, 9 June 2017
    SCO Summit, Astana, 9 June 2017
  • Astana EXPO-2017
    Astana EXPO-2017
  • Kazakhstan United For Global Security
    Kazakhstan United For Global Security
  • Astana Economic Forum
    Astana Economic Forum

Green Energy

Kazakhstan takes seriously global climate change and the consequences of the world’s collective inaction to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Kazakhstan supports the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.  Kazakhstan’s “Green Bridge” initiative was introduced at the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and represents an innovative and practical framework for an international shift to a sustainable green energy economy.

Driven by President Nazarbayev’s 2050 Strategy, Kazakhstan intends to meet its goal that more than half of domestic energy consumption come from alternative and renewable energy sources. By 2020 Kazakhstan intends to reduce by GHG emissions by 15 percent, and 25 percent by 2050 – equal to 1992 emission levels.

These represent a few components of Kazakhstan’s comprehensive commitment to transform from a hydrocarbon economy to a green energy economy.

The Astana Expo 2017 is a major event that will accelerate the transition to a green energy economy in Kazakhstan.