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    SCO Summit, Astana, 9 June 2017
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    Astana EXPO-2017
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    Astana Economic Forum

Foreign diplomatic missions in Astana prepare sightseeing tours for EXPO-2017 delegations and tourists

The municipal commission on protection of cultural heritage sites in Astana has held today its regular meeting.

The participants discussed the state of cultural and historical monuments in the capital city and their preservation. The meeting was chaired by head of the department for culture Bolat Mazhagulov.

According to him, there are 46 historical and cultural monuments in Astana to date, two of them are of national importance.

“The usage of the monuments of culture and history requires much work. For this purpose we have established a special directorate on preservation of cultural heritage sites,” said Mazhagulov. He noted also that on the threshold of Astana EXPO-2017, all the sites should be carefully examined and restored, when necessary, since many of them were erected several decades ago.

The diplomatic missions in Astana have already started applying to the municipal administration for organization of sightseeing tours for foreign delegations and tourists, he added.